April 30, 2016

I have a saying, it is simple: “Family First”. That saying is a reminder to me that life is not always perfect and neither am I. With that being said, I can and will be there for my family when they call. Consequently, it won’t surprise anyone that on the 14th of May, I will be attending a funeral for a family member instead of joining you at the Alberta Liberal Party AGM.

However, while my May 14th event will be cancelled, it does not mean an end to what we have started. In June, I will be back on the road and touring the province to speak about the renewal and revitalization of the Alberta Liberal Party. The same love that I learned from my parents needs to be extended to each resident of the province of Alberta.  As a province, we should cherish each resident because, in a moment, each one of us could become sick, jobless or homeless. Each one of us could be impacted by a death, disability or an infirmity. It is the responsibility of government to be there to ensure that we don’t fall through the cracks.

So as the Alberta Liberal Party AGM carries on, I hope we can all remember the vulnerable among us and what our government can do to protect them; because, that person one day might be you. Consequently, let us pitch in to rebuild the Alberta Liberal Party to protect ourselves, our family, our friends and our Alberta.


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